Bar Mats - Bar Runners Locally manufactured versus imported

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Fiji Bitter Bar mat bar runner

Mats R us Bar mats and Bar runners are manufactured right here in Melbourne Australia. Many people ask if there are differences in different bar mats because they all appear the same and the answer is a very BIG YES.

I bet there are a lot of people you who have drunk at a bar and noticed the bar mat is not sitting flat on the bar and is curling or buckling at the edges. Typically this is an imported blank bar mat or bar runner from overseas that has simply been printed here.

The cost cutting on these bar mats allows that there is only a small percentage of rubber which means that after 1 or 2 washes the plastics component  of the rubber gives way and cracks. Mats R us bar mats are manufactured from 100% Nitrile rubber meaning they will never curl or fray after continuous washing. 

We also use the latest printing technology available for our bar mats or bar runners ensuring sharp vivid colours with a strong bright representation of your logo or pictures. The other thing is that we can manufacture custom sizes for your bar mat or bar runner to suit.

  By Martin [2013-08-30]


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