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About MatsRus

Mats R us is a fully Australian owned and operated company.

Mats R us specialises in the production and supply of branded and custom made rubber backed logo branded mats. Our production plant is located in Melbourne  - Victoria and all production including graphic design is done by Mats R us. As a result of being a local manufacturer/producer we are able to do 1 off mats for clients or several hundred very quickly!

Whatever your industry or requirement, Mats R us is able to assist you with all your matting requirements. Mats R us clients include some of the largest companies in Australia and is continually growing. We can assist you with everything from 1 off mats for 1 doorway to 100’s of mats as part of a POS National rollout product launch; from 1of 1m x 1m exhibition mat to an entire Exhibition stand including promotional giveaways.

Mats R us is constantly updating equipment. We are pleased to advise that we have the latest of Jetprint textile printing machines in operation. With only 3 machines of its kind in commission in the world, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients unparalleled quality and vibrancy in our floor mats which we believe is amongst the best in the world. We are happy to back this offer up with a 2 year guarantee on our Heavy Duty Carpet Dyed Branded mats. Mats R us offers a speedy service at a very effective price point. We believe in working with our clients for the long term in helping you impact your brand whilst also providing a functional floor mat in reducing dirt and allowing for an inviting entrance.

Our Promise to you

Mats R us takes the utmost care in providing our clients with the best quality products available. All custom mats are produced in Australia. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a turnaround time on custom products unsurpassed in the industry and we challenge our competitors to supply a fully customised Carpet dyed branded mat on a thick Nylon twist carpet quicker than Mats R us. In addition, we offer a full 2 year guarantee on our Carpet Dyed floor mats and encourage this to be a standard in the floor mats industry.

Should our mat colours fade or should our rubber curl or fray within 2 years of purchase we will immediately replace the mat for you. Simply advise us if there is a problem and we will organise for collection and replacement. This shows our confidence and pride in our locally produced inkjet Dyed Branded carpet floor mats.

Our locally produced bar mats, exhibition mats and counter mats are produced using the latest of Dye Sublimation technology. These products have been designed for long term use and we offer a full 1 year guarantee on these products.
All Mats R us mats have been designed to withstand continuous washing. Our floor mats can be hosed down, machine washed or dry cleaned ensuring their use for years to come.

If you require any additional information about Mats R Us you can contact us.


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