Anti fatigue mat in use

S Mat

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120 x 200cm
70 x 160cm
70 x 86cm
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Anti fatigue mat in useAnti fatigue mat in use2Anti fatigue mat in use3
Anti fatigue mat in use4Anti fatigue mat in use5Anti fatigue Muscle Pod in use

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These anti fatigue mats are Australian made and can be custom sized to suit whatever application you have in mind from Kitchen areas, Bars, Pools, gyms and even your boat. 

  • Non absorbent Easily cleaned, just hose off 
  • Impervious to Oil, Acids, Chlorine and Solvents 
  • Non Conductive, helps prevent electrical hazards
  • Bevelled edge, prevents tripping
  • constructed from Compound EVA foam plastic composition with a thickness of 12.5mm and Bevelled edges for safety
  • Light Weight : an 85cm x 160cm size is under 2 Kilos  
  • Colour currently available : Black &  Blue,   
  • Excellent water run-off thanks to the clever S-pattern design. Resists slips due to constant water run-off plus the ‘give’ of the foam plastic.
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